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"She walks among the shadows, and to the darkness, brings the Light"

~ JP Livermorefalls, Me. 

" I had gone into my session with Stephanie crying. In less than two hours later I was laughing and celebrating my life in it's entirety. I laughed "for no reason" on my drive home and burst through the my door saying "Honey, I'm back." My husband knew I wasn't merely referring to my physical presence.

I continually draw upon the imagery and energy I received that night and look forward to another session. Stephanie's presence is calming, loving, warm. She has a gift." SR

"Reconnective healing : Woke up several days ago with a bad kink in my neck with some sharp pain...but only if I turned my neck to the right... I also was having restless sleep because I couldn't get comfortable. Stephanie asked if I wanted a Reconnective healing, my answer ....Yes ! After my session I now have more fluid movement and yes I can bend and turn my neck to the right with no more sharp pain...Yay! I would say it is 95 % improved mobility and also had a good restful sleep. On a mental emotional level I had things surface that were very old stuff and haven't thought of in eons.....that too released with grace and ease. It is awesome what a 30 min session can do...simply amazing! Thanks for your grace, love and assistance <3" CW

"Stephanie is a very knowledgeable, upbeat, well rounded teacher. She understands the struggles within the body of both horse and human. she works hard to make sure you understand. I highly recommend her." EA

"This class (Introduction to Equine Massage for the Horse Owner) greatly increased my awareness of the subtleties of the horse's body. Stephanie really cares that You get it. Well worth the time and money spent." DJ