~From Relaxation to Structural Re-education~

Stephanie has studied a number of modalities, to tailor each individuals session, and to best meet their needs.

* Swedish


* Myofascial Release

*Clinical Sport/Orthopedic

*Nuero Muscular Therapy

*Cranial Sacral

*Structural/Postural Integration

$75/1 hr. / Plus travel, if off site. Travel is split between number of horses/dogs seen at any one location.



Cancellation Policy

100% charge for no call /no show. 24 hr cancellation is required. Exceptions will be made for weather and medical emergencies.

Energetic and Quantum Healing

Stephanie has studied and been initiated/attuned in a number of Energetic and Quantum Healing modalities.

~ Reiki Master

~ Intergrated Energy Therapy through the advanced

~ Reconnective Healing

~ The Reconnection/Axial Tonal Alignment

~ Adept

~ Cord Cutting

~ Quantum Healing

~ Arcturian Healing I & II

~ Crystal Healing

~Etherial Crystal Reiki Master

Grace Blessings

Stephanie is a powerful instrument of the Light, and conduit for Divine Grace. After spending an extended time in silence and 

communing only with the Divine, she was initiated to transmit this energy to others. With this transmission, she assists individuals in having more Joy, Peace and Freedom, by seeing through the eyes of Truth and remembering their Divine Presence within.

"She walks among the shadows, and to the darkness, brings the Light"

~ JP Livermorefalls, Me.

Zone Method

The Zone Method is the newest leading edge form of meditation, that is BEYOND meditation we have available on the 

planet today. There are many ways to meditate and various types of practices engage the mind differently and produce different effects—especially on your brain.

Some techniques use visualization, others involve concentration, contemplation, mantra, focusing on your breath, or trying to be mindful.

The Zone Method is a completely different process, we have developed an instant way to settle the mind so you may then enter the stillness and silence that is already within you right now. There is no effort or concentration of any kind, the simple techniques taught help a person to enter the gap between thoughts and stay in that state for extended periods of time, many feel completely empty, still, silent and as they dive deeper into that silence you experience pure consciousness itself.

Stephanie is a “transmitter of stillness and silence” with a masterful ability to help your mind see the stillness and silence within you so you may experience it for yourself. In the Zone Method trainings you become Initiated to not only bring yourself into this inner silence and stillness within, but to also be able to transmit this yourself, thereby positively impacting all you may come into contact with.

All across the Globe thousands of people have shifted to a level of consciousness where anytime, effortlessly they can turn off their minds and enter a profound state of clarity, peace and inner calm. Once you are able to shut off the mind, anything and everything is possible. All of your “problems” are because the mind say they are, with the mind quiet you reach a state of equanimity.

“The Zone Method” Living, Working, Be-Ing with a Peaceful Mind. This is a personal invitation to create a stress-free, quieter mind with more functional thoughts . The “Zone Method” is an effortless approach to entering a state of being in the NOW with calm effective functioning.

This cutting edge enlightened state of being is for individuals from all walks of life to live and work in a natural inner silence, with a quieter mind and clear, productive thoughts. Being in “the zone” is our natural state of being. This state of being is often lost in the activity of daily life and the mind’s habitual random thinking.

The purpose of the “Zone Method” is to bring you easily and effortlessly into the conscious experience of this natural state. The Zone brings focus and mental clarity; improves decision-making, creativity and communication. Unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior decrease and health, vitality and joy increase.

Once you recognize you can reside in the zone outside of meditation while being awake and active, this state remains with you more easily throughout the day. When you live in the NOW there is a sense of timelessness, so that you can RELAX when facing a deadline, and have unshakable peace no matter what pressure life’s circumstances bring to you.

The Zone Method teaches us to live free from stress, instead of trying to manage stress. By practicing the Zone Method for only a few minutes per day you handle challenges without getting overwhelmed. Your creativity flows, unrestricted. Your true inner nature shines through.

You may also use the “Zone Method” for physical healing of self and others.  

The Zone method brings a quiet peaceful mind and from that space we can use being in that state for healing, this is radically NEW, DIFFERENT, CLEAN and EFFECTIVE. For empaths this is VITAL as you do not “tune into” the other person, you do not take on the stuff of the other person. It stays “outside of you” instead of you taking it on as yours.

Those days can be OVER for you!! Learn this NEW METHOD of healing. Benefits of Living and Working in the Zone: Increased focus, clarity, creativity and perception of reality exactly as it is. Increased mental silence, sense of well being; decreased stress levels. Increased feelings of happiness, vitality and joy; improved relationships. Increased collaboration with colleagues and improved staff satisfaction.

The Zone Method level I - This course teaches individuals how to enter the Zone state at will in minutes. The Zone state is a quiet mind, silent mind state reaching alpha and theta brain wave states. This is beyond meditation, you are bringing all of the benefits of meditation into your day to day life. After this class you will be able to enter the stillness and silence within you literally within seconds with no effort.

Level II Zone Method- In this training we will expand upon what you learned in level 1, teaching you all of the advanced uses for the Zone state such as physical healing, resolving limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your largest life possible, how to use the Zone state for manifesting the life you desire, how to dissolve emotional resentments, forgiveness and peacemaking. This training offers huge liberation from the limitations of the mind.

This is CUTTING EDGE and an invaluable resource to assist yourself in self actualization and enlightenment. Come enjoy living, working, being in a peaceful mind state permanently and experiencing the Zone as your natural state of being.

Increased organization synergy, connectedness, and communication. Increased authenticity and ethics; greater ability to handle all situations. Improved health; decreased absenteeism. Increased effectiveness and productivity. Increased efficiency; easily realizing and making better decisions. As you enter the Zone you notice that you become the “witness”.

Once you become the “witness” you find you are not attached or engaged in the human dramas of life, but watching things from a place of neutrality, and seeing life for what it truly is. Being in the Zone is being in the NOW. Not thinking about the past or worried about the future. Freeing your energy up to LIVE ABUNDANTLY NOW!!

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